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Senior Partners




Patrick Arnold

President; Software Architect; Founder

Susan Ganderton Strategic Planning
Joan Lawrence Patient Advocate

Other partners

Other individual minority shareholders also participate.




References & Supporters




Hon. Colin Hansen

Former Minister of Finance, Minister of Health and Deputy Premier, Province of British Columbia


Hon. James Horsman, QC

Former Minister of Federal and Intergovernmental Affairs and Deputy Premier, Province of Alberta


Dr. John D. Wiebe, PhD

President and CEO, Globe Foundation of Canada 



Dr. Jan Walls, PhD

Founding Director, David Lam Centre for International Communication, Simon Fraser University


David Willis

Vice President, Small and Mid-Market Solutions & Partners, US East, Microsoft


Dr. Carolyn Attridge, PhD

(sadly deceased Dec. 2010)

Professor Emeritus & Former Director of the School of Nursing, University of Victoria.


Heather Keith

Businesswoman & Co-Founder, Victoria Pain and Stress Centre


John Thorpe

Chartered Accountant; Financier; Land Developer




Professional Services





Ross, Johnson & Associates  (Business)

Fraser Milner Casgrain  (Corporate & Securities)

Borden Ladner Gervais  (M&A)

Pearlman Lindholm  (Real Estate, Litigation)




KPMG (SR&ED; Privacy Management; general & tax)