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Current Deals (Q211)

Spring 2011
There are two specific offers available today.  Please contact Pat Arnold at patrick@imicare.com for details.
Patient Voice  -  Platform


This is a web-based personal health record system which contributes to improved treatment outcomes for chronically ill patients.  The system also encourages complementary, alternative and preventive interventions.  By improving productivity, personal health records are recognized as a key solution to satisfying growing demands on the health industry. 


Patient Voice supplements and organizes data provided by doctors of all kinds, test facilities, hospitals, insurance companies and others.  Our long relationships with IBM and Microsoft position Patient Voice to make the most of new initiatives to speed the deployment of personal health records.  IMI started work on personal health record development in late 2004.  Microsoft started in late 2007, and Google in 2008.


The Patient Voice pilot project, initiated in 2006, has proven the merits of our approach.  Version 2.0 enhancements are in development, and will make our platform compatible with new developments in the coming years. 


Partnerships to help facilitate successful outreach to patients and other communities are being pursued.  Mutually beneficial collaboration in marketing, patient advocacy, operations and finance are priorities in 2010.  The private placement of IMI equity to support Patient Voice expansion is underway.


For more information, please visit www.patientvoice.ca .

Real Estate Acquisitions

Gonzales Part 2 - Waterfront acquisition. Rental income. 12 month horizon.


Mid 200 - One university property consolidated.  12 month horizon.